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Aggressive Action For People
Across Griffin, Georgia

Prepared To Fight

We use our extensive legal knowledge and experience to build an attack plan that will protect your interests. We make sure no strategy is ignored in our pursuit of your needs. We take every factor into account, from your circumstances to the interpretation of the law to the venue and tailor our approach to you.

Aggressive Actions

At the law office Maddox & Harding, L.L.C., we take an aggressive approach to personal injury, criminal law and family law cases. Our firm is known for being tough-minded and tenacious advocates for people who are:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Suffering from injuries after an accident
  • Facing criminal charges
  • Living with the after effects of a medical mistake

There is no substitute for toughness when you are facing legal challenges. You deserve an attorney who puts your needs first every single time and goes as far as possible to secure results.


Get The Relief You Need Today

You may not want anything to do with the law, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. When your future, your family or your health is on the line, the law can intimidate you. Our firm will show you the way forward, we’ll answer your questions, and we’ll outline a plan to take back control of your situation. Contact us right away by emailing us or calling 888-271-4807.

Attorney Todd Harding

I do not hold back in protecting my clients. I fight as hard as I can as long as I can.

Attorney Billy Maddox

I dedicate myself completely to building the toughest case for each and every client.