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Griffin Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers

When you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, you want strong representation from a lawyer who has handled these types of cases. Often, demonstrating liability can be complex and challenging. You want an attorney who understands the laws and regulations governing trucking operations, someone who has helped others in similar situations.

At the law office of Maddox & Harding, L.L.C., we aggressively protect the rights of people who have been hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck. We believe that thorough preparation is one of the keys to success in personal injury cases. We will carefully gather and review all relevant evidence, working with accident reconstruction experts and visiting the scene of the accident, if necessary. Our lawyers blend skill and considerable knowledge to help you pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses.

Our Commercial Truck Accident Injury Practice

We represent individuals who have been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, whether you were a driver, passenger or pedestrian. We will seek damages from any potentially responsible party, including drivers, owners and manufacturers, as well as any party who failed to conduct proper maintenance on the truck. We handle claims involving all types of incidents, from big rig and semi crashes to 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer accidents.

Our lawyers are intimately familiar with state and federal regulations governing trucking operations. We know how to read and interpret driver and maintenance logs, so that we can show that violation of the rules led to your injury.

We will prepare and file all required documents during the process, and will act on your behalf at all hearings or proceedings. We will move quickly to protect your interests, making certain that critical evidence is preserved for trial.

We will also be your advocate with insurance providers. Because policy limits tend to be significantly higher for commercial trucks, the insurance companies will be more assertive in trying to minimize or deny your claim.

Contact Us

For a private meeting with one of our Griffin commercial truck accident attorneys, contact us by email or call our office at 770-884-4752 or toll-free at 888-271-4807. Your first consultation is free of charge. We accept all major credit cards.